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Mikyah is such a caring and knowledgeable nutritionist. My experience in working with her was the best! She helped me learn how to use  truly simple tools that changed the way I thought about food and my body. It was and still is pretty mind blowing how she was able to point out my flawed thinking and habits around, food, eating, exercising and my body and to replace them with useful and healthy thinking. I highly recommend working with Mikyah!     -Paige Taus, 2022
"I would highly recommend this nutrition program to anyone needing help with their diet, mainly because it’s not a diet in the typical sense! You eat what you want and when and learn how to listen to your body instead of going off a plan that’s prescribed to you! There are healthy options of sweets and such but not restrictive options. You learn how to view yourself as more than what you currently weigh and delight in the process of getting healthy or maintaining health!"
-Honest Nutrition Client 2019

EAT with confidence

My Approach

I work on an individual basis by taking your social history, medical history and conditions, mindsets, taste preferences, physical activity, knowledge and beliefs, lab values, and body composition into account while creating your individualized care plan. As we work together, you will find that I will be your biggest cheerleader to help you define and achieve your health goals. Every step of the way, we will  implement effective strategies that will help you live life to the fullest.


 I will always aim to liberalize your diet as much as your medical condition allows. Society is really good at having you focus on what not to eat. Together, we'll celebrate what you can eat and enjoy it in the process.  Overall, I will equip you for success by teaching you simple and honest concepts to help navigate barriers that have previously troubled you regarding food and nutrition. 

LET's work together

As a dietitian, I practice medical nutrition therapy. This is an evidence-based approach to treating medical conditions with unique and individualized eating care plans. It's not a "quick fix" but an effective, scientifically founded  one that produces long lasting health and symptom improvement.

Some conditions I specialize but am not limited to:

blood sugar control
Digestive Issues
Crohn's Disease
Celiac Disease

Mindless eating

Portion control

Hearth Health

high blood Pressure

high triglycerides

high cholesterol

Food Sensitivities

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