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About Me

Hi! I'm Mikyah Owens, founder of Honest Nutrition. I've always been one that

 sees normalcy as something to be challenged and innovation as something to be fostered. When it comes to nutrition, my stance is the same. I'm not into the

normal "crash diets" that most people turn to in hopes of getting "healthy." However, I am for 

making small, achievable changes to your life that will set you on a path to

better overall health. I'm not about cutting out major food groups (unless it's necessary for your specific condition) but believe that moderation is the key to success- even if that means an occasional piece of dark chocolate with breakfast.


I graduated from University of Idaho with a B.S. in Nutrition/Dietetics. I

completed my clinical dietetic internship at the largest and one of the most influential hospitals in the area. I have a wide background in community

nutrition and have worked with both youth and adults to create healthy lifestyle changes. Additionally, I've implemented nutrition programs throughout the community to provide nutrition education to underprivileged youth.  Currently, I'm further developing

my clinical experience by working at Spokane Shriner's Hospital as a clinical dietitian and continue to invest in the community by working with BarreU, a local fitness studio, as an independent contracted dietitian. One of my biggest

passions is to see real life, positive change in the people I work with. That's why

I decided to start Honest Nutrition. The process to health isn't always glamorous

or quick, but it's so worth it, and it's my mission to help you see that.

Outside the office, my home life is happy. I'm married to a man who's hardly

human, have plans for a pup, and a drive to love my community as I was first loved.

"your body is an intricate system, unique specifically to your experiences, your DNA, and your preferences. that's why your nutrition must be addressed on a holistic and individual basis. No more diets-only lifestyle changes."
-mikyah owens, RDN


Let's be honest. We all need food. If you want to live you have to eat. However, without the proper knowledge, nutrition can be extremely confusing and can even cause feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. While the internet rages its ideas of what a balanced diet looks like- it doesn't know you or your personal life. It doesn't know your thought patterns, your medical history, or your social pressures, and it never will.


Though you might be able to find certain answers on Google, having a credentialed and educated food expert to work one-on-one with you to simplify nutrition's myths will get you far closer to positive change than a quick google search ever will. Real change comes when we are willing to talk to real people about what we're facing. No shame. No facades. Let's talk today!

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