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Hot & Healthy Recipes Inside for You to Try this Week!

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Today I wanted to share with you some of my top favorite recipes for you to add to your "go to" meal list. One thing I always clarify with my patients is that having food freedom does not mean that you don't have a game plan for your week or your day. While there are no set rules in eating, it is beneficial to have a framework to help shape your meals while reducing anxiety and ensuring proper nutrition.

I suggest finding a set day (or two if your schedule doesn't look the same from week to week) that you can regularly take 30 minutes to write out a menu with healthy recipes for the week ahead. At this time you can make a grocery list from the recipes or entrees you've selected and set yourself up for success in the grocery store.

Having specific food items on hand that easily make up a meal (rather than a random can of this, a bag of that, with a side of moldy lettuce) will allow you to choose something that sounds good later in the week.

A plan will also help you save money because you will buy with intention; you’ll know how to incorporate that bunch of lettuce into a meal before it goes bad! Knowing what you’ll be making will decrease stress throughout the week as well because you will have a couple options to pick from rather than not having enough items on hand or too many ideas running through your head to choose from.

I have personally tried all the recipes below, so there's no doubt you'll like them. Most of them I did not create, but one of them is my own creation. May they go down well in your tummy!

Are you ready to see these healthy recipes?

Southwest Chicken Soup

Feel free to add in some rice or quinoa to this one to increase your fiber and to keep you full longer after eating. If you are someone who needs added texture to feel satisfied, you can pair the soup with a handful of tortilla chips or a rice cake! A crunchy side of veggies like carrots, or an apple would also do the trick!

Lead me to the ​recipe​!

Cottage Cheese Egg Bake

Ok, this one became a household favorite over the holidays. My husband says it is his new favorite. I have done many variations with it by experimenting with different types of cheeses and adding more veggies. This is a great recipe to throw in any leftover veggies you have from the week so they don't go to waste. You can shred carrots, chop up mushrooms, use that last bit of spring mix instead of the frozen spinach it calls for, etc...

Grab it ​here​!

Cauliflower Shawarma Bowls

If you're trying to save money on your meat bill, this is a wonderful and very quick meatless meal! It's got amazing flavor and a fun homemade dressing you can use later in the week on a salad or in a breakfast burrito if you have leftovers. Sheet pan meals like this are my favorite. Grab Recipe Here!

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili

Can someone say, "Yes please" to a meal that's ready when you walk in the door? Nothing like a crockpot meal to welcome you home after a long day at work. You can easily swap the turkey for a variety of beans like pinto or black beans if you're not on the meat train.

Get it while it's ​hot!​

While your mouth is still watering from these recipes, you might as well take some time right now to look over the ingredients and add them to your list! Don't have a grocery list? I suggest using your Reminders App (or whatever app your phone has for list making if you don't have an iPhone) to keep a running log of what you'll need once in the store. If you prefer to go out school with pen and paper, I've included a grocery list planner for you in the link below!

Additionally, I've included a very basic list of items you can stalk regularly in your kitchen to give you a good foundation of foods to have on hand. Portions listed vary greatly and are not universal for everyone.

Happy cooking!

All my best,

Mikyah Owens, RDN, LD, CD


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