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15 minutes of exercise: You can do it

Let’s be honest, there’s been many times where I have felt like I don’t have enough time in my day to exercise. For the longest time, I never actually became consistent in moving my body everyday until I realized thata workout doesn’t always have to look like an hour and a half in the gym.

Sometimes, using those short time blocks that I have before my next appointment to strengthen and lengthen my muscles is all I have, and when I consistently dedicate that time to exercise, the more my body responds. My legs become stronger, my core becomes tighter, and my arms have more definition.

I want you to stop and think right now- is there just 15 minutes in your day that you have categorized as “killing time?” It might be the few minutes here and there you sit and scroll through your social media feed (they add up), it might be when you aimlessly walk around a store, or when you grab something to eat, just for no good reason at all.

Don’t have even 15 minutes in your day? Do you think you could wake up 15 minutes earlier? What about going to bed 15 minutes earlier so that you could wake up 15 minutes earlier? The bottom line is, what 15 minute activity are you willing to give up in order to pursue health and give your body what it deserves by letting it move in the way it’s supposed to?

In all reality, yes, it would be ideal to work out for 60 minutes a day. However, for many people that goal is too large. The problem with setting too large of goals without making baby steps to those goals, is you often give up because they seem impossible to reach.

HENCE, why I’m encouraging you to dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to exercise if you are currently doing no form of physical activity. If you already exercise regularly, great job! Feel free to add any of these moves to your regular workout routine. They won’t disappoint!

Here are 10 quick and easy moves I would recommend doing every day for 2 minutes a piece, to total a 20 minute workout. Be sure to stretch after as well.

Move 1:

Alternating Run

Alternate between high knees and butt kickers. You should essentially be jogging in place, WHILE raising your knees to your chest and then switching to bring your heels to your glutes without stopping in between.

high knees portion of move 1

Move 2: Dead lifts

Recommended weights: 15-20 lbs. Hold weights in front of thighs, palms faced legs and relaxed. Bend at hips until weight almost touches the toes. Use your back to pull yourself back up to standing. Repeat. Remember to keep a straight back as you are bending over.

Move 3: Scissor Jacks

Normal jumping jacks with a twist! Start with a normal jumping jack stance with legs a little wider than hip width apart, arms extended at at upward angle. As you jump, land on one leg while kicking the other leg out in front of you. Raise arms up overhead as you land. As you jump again, land with both feet on the ground, a little more than hip width apart and arms extended (beginning stance.) Repeat until 2 minutes is up.

Move 4: Upward Row to Overhead Press

Recommended weights: 10-15 lbs. Without bending wrists, pull the weights upward towards chin, along your mid-line. Elbows should be sticking straight out towards sides, palms facing body. Once weights have been pulled up to chin, flip your palms to face forward and push the weights up over your head. Reverse the move and continue for 2 minutes.

palm flip of overhead press in move 4

Move 5: Plyo Lunges

These are lunges in motion! Start standing with feet together. Jump and land with right foot in front and left foot in back, both bent at a 90 degree angle. With no rest, jump and land with legs a little more than hip width apart and squat down into position. From here jump and land with left foot in front and right foot back, both legs bent at a 90 degree angle. With no rest, jump and land how you started with legs together in a squat. Make sure your knees do not go past your toes each time you sink into your lunge or squat.

Move 6: Mermaid Dips

Start in a side plank, lower arm fully extended and top arm outstretched towards ceiling, hips lifted. As you inhale lower hips until just hovering over floor. Exhale and bring hips back up and tuck top arm under and around body (through the space between your lower arm and torso.) Repeat for 2 minutes.

side plank for move 6

Move 7: Speed Skaters

Jump to one leg and with the opposite hand, bring to ankle by bending grounded leg. Raised leg should go behind body and lightly tap the floor with toe. Jump to other leg and repeat on other side. When jumping during this move, you should be jumping sideways and as far as you can.

Move 8 :Around the World Lunges

Recommended weights: 10-20 lbs. Start with legs together, in a standing position. Extend right leg out and sink into a front lunge where both legs are at a 90 degree angle, knees not going past the toes. Push off with right foot and come into a wide squat with legs greater than hip distance apart and squat. Push off with right root and land it behind the body for a backward lunge. Bring right foot back to starting position and squat. Repeat with other side.

Move 9:Rotational Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank (the top of a push up position). Drive knee into opposite elbow by rotating body and pulling it in and past stomach. Repeat with other leg quickly, as if trying to run. Hands remain stationary.

Move 10: Triceps Dip

Recommended weights: 5-15lbs. You can choose to do this with one weight in each hand or with one weight, gripping the end with both hands. Start with hands extended above head. Keeping elbows pointing forward, dip the weight behind your head and then pull back up until it is over your head. Repeat.

Well folks, that’s all I got for ya!

Let me know if you try it out and what you think!

Here’s to making small changes!

Love Always,

Mikyah RDN, LD


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