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Springtime sweets That Won't Slow You Down

Hi Friend,

Part of having a healthy relationship with food is incorporating foods that bring you pleasure. Dieting mentality tells you that you shouldn't enjoy the foods you eat, or that you can't eat food just because it sounds good. While you do need to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs, it's perfectly normal and encouraged to make foods you actually look forward to eating.

Today I'm sharing some of my yummiest treats with you that can bring joy to your day. As you eat them, allow yourself to fully enjoy them! Don't shame yourself, or allow the, "I really shouldn't be doing this" dialogue to take over. When you are constantly berating yourself for your food choices, you rob yourself of feeling fully satisfied.

You guys. These are the SIMPLEST things to make. They don't sound fancy but something about the combination of these 4 ingredients is out of this world. My husband says it is one of the favorite desserts I have made. I froze them and they were great little treats.

This is an oat bake with a whole new take! It uses oat flour instead of the typical rolled oats which gives it a nice smooth texture. I tried mine without the icing and it was a great breakfast! You can easily make oat flour by adding rolled oats into a blender and blend until floured.

I love having some kind of specialty bread or homemade cookie to have as an easy pick me up, toddler snack, or dessert. This is a great go-to or even a post workout snack. Super easy recipe!

Do you like brownies? Want to sneak some veggies into your diet? Say no more. The water content from the zucchini in this recipe keeps these brownies super moist and extra delicious. Try them out on your kids or significant other and see if they notice the secret ingredient!

Join me in the kitchen this week and try out one (or all) of these yummy treats! Tag me on social media with a picture of your finished product! @mikyahhonestnutritioncda

Heaps of blessings,

Mikyah, RDN, LD, CD

registered dietitian nutritionist


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